Welcome Tiasia Newman!

Tiasia is a self-proclaimed industry maven, and we at the Asbury Park Historical Society couldn’t agree more. She has worked 23 of her 36 years in a number of genres in the entertainment industry while making a credible name for herself. She started out in a salon as a hairstylist at 14, showing her enthusiasm for achievement at a young age. Over the years, Tiasia’s passion for hair grew into a love of fashion and style.

Philadelphia Fashion Week

After spending a number of seasons as a coordinator for Philadelphia Fashion Week, Tiasia became a curator. This afforded her the ability to inspire, train, and teach designers and models how to produce fashion shows of fashion week quality. Partnered with her long-term mentor, Rodney Cross of GotPicz Photography, she was able to provide a number of shows, photo shoots, portfolios, and many other opportunities for the designers and models with whom they worked.

Fashion as a Passion

In 2019 her clothing line, Vintage Brothel, made her a sustainable fashion designer with a reputation that could carry the brand without promotion. Suddenly she was booked at every show the independent circuit had to offer. As a lifelong rebel, Vintage Brothel tells the parts of Tiasia’s story that she doesn’t have time to read out loud. “The years have taught me well about the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know now they are all necessary.”

A Voice for Her Community

As the senior journalist of the industry publication BigBreak Magazine, she has built a rapport with some of the most influential people next in line to run the entertainment world. As a newly hired journalist for The Asbury Park Reporter, Tiasia’s goal is to give a voice to her community that would otherwise go unheard if not for the tone set by her voice, integrity, intelligence, and well-earned influence. As Tiasia says, “Remember Darling: the show must go on and in good fashion.” Tiasia, we are so eager to work together with you. Please join us in welcoming Tiasia Newman to the team at APHS!

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