Register Historic Asbury Park Properties

Do you own, rent, or know of a historic commercial or residential building in Asbury Park? If so, the Asbury Park Historical Society would like to hear from you.

“There are all types of old, unusual, or unique buildings in Asbury Park and we want to start registering them into a comprehensive inventory,” APHS President Don Stine said.

He hopes the effort will eventually lead to a historic house tour sponsored by the Historical Society, hopefully as early as this fall. “Now that we have taken on the responsibility of the Stephen Crane House, we need to come up with long-term funding efforts,” he said.

Stine said the building being registered does not have to necessarily be old, but it must have at least some sort of unique history. So far, the oldest known residential dwelling in Asbury Park is the Historical Society’s Stephen Crane House on Fourth Avenue, built in 1878.

“But who knows, let’s see what comes out of the woodwork. There are lots of historic and interesting homes and commercial buildings in the city,” he said.

To register your home into the program, complete an application and return it to the Crane House at 508 Fourth Avenue, Asbury Park, NJ 07712. Forms are available at the link below, at the Public Library at Grand and First Avenues, at the Stephen Crane House on Sundays from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., and through other online media sources.

Stine said you need to know your block and lot numbers to fully complete the application. A small, special team is being assembled to look into registry information, but it is also helpful for owners to become involved in researching their own property.

“I think this entire project will end up being very interesting,” he said.

Or fill out the form below

Asbury Park Historic Home Registry Form