Asbury Park Historical Imagery

Browse a selection of photos from throughout Asbury Park’s history, and take the chance to learn about notable landmarks and events.

Asbury Park Landmarks

Copper Plates on Convention Hall - July 2009

Photos taken by Dr. Jason Conner of Villanova, PA

Ode to Asbury Park

From JS Productions on Vimeo

Historical Photos

A selection of historic photos from Asbury Park.

Asbury Park Event Photo Gallery

Photos of the 1917 Asbury Park Fire

Photos from the Asbury Park boardwalk fire in 1917. Special thanks to the Township of Ocean Historical Museum for supplying these.

Asbury Park High School’s Class of 1927 Reunion

Archived photos of the Class of 1927 Asbury Park High School reunion. Supplied by the Township of Ocean Historical Museum.

1928 Asbury Park & Neptune High School Baseball Team Photos

Group photos of the baseball teams for Asbury Park and Neptune High Schools from 1928. Courtesy of the Township of Ocean Historical Museum.

20th Century Asbury Park

Asbury Park in 1980

Historic photographs from Asbury Park, taken in 1980. Showcases local landmarks that were unfortunately demolished. Special thanks to Vintage Everyday for posting these online.

Historic Photos of 1900's Asbury Park

Photos of Asbury Park as seen in the 1900’s. Donated by Jason Smith.

Music Gallery

Photo Gallery of the Gospel Explosion Concert

Gallery of photos from the Gospel Explosion Concert in 2013 at the Jersey Arts Center. All photos supplied by John Cavanaugh.

Soul of Asbury Park Concert Gallery

Check out photos from the Soul of Asbury Park music concert. Get a look at this once in a lifetime event.