APP Interviews veteran city residents for 50th Anniversary of July 1970 Uprising

In observance of the 50th anniversary of the July 1970 uprising that devastated Asbury Park’s West Side, Asbury Park Press correspondent Austin Bogues (at right in photo) visited the Crane House in January 2020 to conduct a series of video interviews with several veteran city residents, who shared their stories in a forthcoming APP series. Participating “witnesses” included (from left) journalist, actor and storyteller Lorraine Stone; AP Historical Society president Kay Harris, and APHS trustee Susan Skokos, as well as outgoing APHS president Don Stine, and longtime city-based entertainer Nicky Addeo. Follow the Asbury Park Historical Society on Facebook, in addition to the locally based organizations Springwood Avenue Rising and the Asbury Park Museum, for updates on official observances and positive community-based initiatives related to the anniversary year.

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