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Do you own a piece of Asbury Park's history that you would like to share with the rest of the world? Then the Asbury Park Historical Society would like to hear from you!

The society's Archives Committee is actively seeking donations of Asbury Park memorabilia that can be inventoried and periodically displayed. The society has already had several exhibits of Asbury Park memorabilia in the James A. Bradley Room at the city's public library, including displays on the Morro Castle and Asbury Park's musical heritage.

"The society is now in the process of acquiring a special computer program that will help us inventory and keep track of any donated items," archives committee chairman Don Stine said.

"Every donated item will have the donor's name permanently registered with that particular item and that name will be displayed whenever that item is exhibited. Your name will become a part of Asbury Park's history right along with your donated item," he said.

Stine said the society will acept all types of items, from plates and ceramics, to souvenirs, to paper items. Donated items are also tax deductible.

To donate any items please telephone Stine at 732.774.4590 or email him at sales@antichay.com.

Stine said he is particularly interested in acquiing memorabilia about Asbury Park's musical heritage since that will be the major focus of a Smithsonian Institute exhibit about America's musical heritage to be featured in the city next year.